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   Conductivity analyzers for liquid C-31хх series (analyzers) are designed for use in various industries as salinity meters and concentration meters. Analyzers can also be used to determine the quality of pure and ultra-pure water in water treatment systems in the power, electronic, pharmaceutical, food processing and other industries. A special group of analyzers is designed for use in nuclear power plants (NPP) and nuclear industry facilities.

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In terms of structural composition the analyzers are divided into:

  • analyzers, consisting of an "active" primary transducer (PT) and a measuring instrument (MI). An "active" PT consists of an electrical conductivity sensor and the primary transducer electronic unit. In this case, the PT can be installed to considerable distances of several hundred meters from the MI;
  • analyzers, consisting of a "passive" PT and measuring instrument (MI). This design of the "passive" PT doesn’t have any electronic unit and features in fact an electrical conductivity sensor and can be placed at a distance of only several meters from the MI;
  • transmitters "active" PT without measuring device.