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   Holders are intended for installation in them pH- or ORP electrodes, sensors of specific electrical conductivity, as well as other types of sensors, electrodes, etc., designed to measure physicochemical parameters of aqueous media. The primary converter (transducer) of the "D", "S", "I" versions is being installed on the holder. If necessary, the primary transducer can be installed separately from the holder with the aid of an attachment unit.The length of the communication line between the sensor (electrode) and transducer is change for each type of analyzer. Also, option is possible without a primary transducer. In this case, the sensor is connected directly to the measuring instrument.

According to the design, the valves are divided into:

  •  S - submersible for installation on tanks (reservoirs) or on pipelines
  •  F - flowing type for installation in pipelines with a cell into which the sensor (electrode) is placed and through which the analyzed medium flows
  •  M - magistral type, having a camera with an installed sensor (electrode), adapted for mounting into the rupture of the process pipeline