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   pH-meters of рН-41хх series are designed for potentiometric analysis of liquids in a variety of industries.
   pH-meter is a measuring transducer complete with an electrode system (ES). pH-meters have a high input impedance, which allowing them to work with a wide range electrodes. The pH-electrode is mounted on the work facility by means of a holders (mounting kits).

Summary table of parameters       

   The measuring transducer consists of a primary transducer (PT) and a measuring instrument (MI).

  •  PT design includes a sensor (combination pH electrode, ES) and an electronic unit, where the sensor signals amplification and conversion is performed.
  •  PT can be placed away from the MI, in which the power circuits and output signals generation diagrams are located. The distance between the PT and MI can reach several hundreds meters.
  •  PT can operate independently, without the MI. In this case, they are called transmitter.
рН meters pH-4131 and pH-4122.P have a monoblock design. Therefore, the length of the cable to the combined electrode can not be more than 4 m.

pH meters are provided all the elements necessary for a modern instrument - digital indication, alarm system, measured data transmission to a PC.

The input signals equipotential protection increases noise immunity and stability of readings.